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July 2014
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Okoboji Fishing Reports...
"Your Latest Fishing Report For The Iowa Great Lakes"
By John Grosvenor JTG Expeditions


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June/July 2014 Update

Been so busy its hard to keep updated. Fishing has been FANTASTIC this summer! The bass just seem to keep getting bigger every year. We've boated at least 2 Six plus pound fish and many 5+ pounders. We've picked up a few Walleyes...little Abby had a 24-incher in early July. Steve Harms had a Beefy 20.5 inch small mouth bass. And one group on kept 109 yellow bass and bluegills in less than 4-hours while catching two 5 pound largemouth WOW!! Fishing is good on Okoboji.
Check out the photos from the past several weeks!!!



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First Half of June 2014

The first few weeks of June have been quite productive! Inconsistent weather has presented a challenge at times. But for the most part all groups are seeing plenty of fish catching action. We've caught tons of giant yellow bass which are excellent eating....if you haven't tried them. Some groups are getting nice messes of beautiful bluegills including a few that measured just over 10-inches...the gold standard for Okoboji Gills. My son Calvin boated and held his first nice musky without help. Bill Roger...a veteran of WWII and the Korean War had the time of his life hammering the yellow bass. And Duke Basketball star Christian Laettner came to Okoboji to fish Muskies. A Great Start to the Summer!!



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Early May 2014

The early May bite is starting to get good. Walleyes are hitting late at night. During the day we're getting lots of Northern pike....mostly small....occasionally a nice pike. But lots of action. Picking up a few large and smallmouth as well. Had the pleasure of being part of a large group affiliated with Hope Haven this weekend. Three fellas boated 60 incredible Yellow bass! Most were over 10 inches. And the New Boat is here. All my clients are now fishing in the comfort of my new 2014 Skeeter WX 2060 with the latest in fish catching technology!!
Come check it out!



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Happy to announce I have a new Skeeter 2060 being built at the Skeeter plant in Texas. It should arrive before June. Until then I'll be using a loaner from Great Lakes Marine Sales and Service in Spirit Lake. Great Lakes Marine is one of the Top Skeeter dealers in the country! The new boat this year will have much more room. Its a full 2 feet longer and several inches wider than my last Skeeter. Its a good stable fiberglass boat with a much better and dryer ride than the aluminum boats. I am blessed to be a Skeeter Pro-Staffer!



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Late 2014 Ice Season

One of the Strangest Ice fishing seasons I've experienced on the Okoboji chain of lakes has come to and end. We had a season of unpredictable sometimes Impossible fish. There were some great days!...but it seamed tough days outnumbered the good. Toward the end of the we stumbled into some good pike fishing. Several clients caught nice pike. Mark Mckeever from Council Bluff's, IA Caught a BEAUTIFUL 29-inch walleye On West Okoboji HIS VERY FIRST TIME ICE FISHING!! We fished on safe ice right up until March 30.
Time now to move on to open water. The Ice is gone! Stay tuned....I'm hoping to have a NEW 2014 Skeeter this summer!


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